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4 hours ago

Swordquest, the ill-fated Atari series, is returning in comic form

Sans prize money

Swordquest is one of the more interesting pieces of video game history to come out of the Atari 2600 era. Atari had massive plans to make a multi-game franchise that spun an intense narrative design that far outclassed the limitations of its home console. Visit here for getting latest firmware for Sky3DS plus .Along with creating this new world came the chance for players to win $150,000 and a bunch of replica weapons from the individual games in the series.

Sadly, the video game crash of 1983 ruined Atari's plans and the scheduled fourth game in the series, Airworld, never happened. Fans that were looking forward to the end of the competition have desperately searched for any kind of clues of the prizes or even game code, but that has basically yielded nothing.

It looks like.

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Swordquest isn't quite finished as Dynamite Entertainment is looking to sort of reboot the series in comic form. The new Swordquest comic is going to follow a fan playing the original games and looking to eventually win the contest that Atari had planned.

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Here is a synopsis from Dynamite Entertainment:

Peter Case was a boy on a quest... the quest to win the prizes from Atari's Swordquest challenge! He was counting down the days to the release of the final game, AirWorld, only to be shattered when the news surfaced that it would never be released. Now Peter is an adult... and things aren't going well. The bad news is he has to move back in with his mother. The good news is she still has all of his old Atari stuff. With nothing else to look forward to, his obsession with Swordquest is reignited, in a more daringand fantasticway!

Some of the original artists for Swordquest, namely Dick Giordano and George Perez, have provided artwork for the cover art of the comics. It looks super neat and I hope this series can spark enough interest to get at least some kind of closure on what happened to the prizes Atari had lined up. Last I read, one of the executives had the sword locked in storage somewhere.

Atari resurrects cult classic Swordquest after 30-year absence [PC Gamer]


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14 hours ago

Latest PS4 Pro deal comes with two free games, Slim with $70 value discount

Infinite Warfare and Dishonored 2

Popular online retailer Newegg is offering up a decent offer on the PlayStation 4 Pro this week, moving beyond its usual PC hardware and accessories expertise.

Today on Newegg's eBay page, it has posted a PS4 Pro for the usual $399.99 but with two extra free bonus games: Dishonored 2 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Paying full price for each game would cost you $120. Newegg rationalizes this as $120 bonus value, but to be more accurate the street/online price for both titles adds up to about $70 in value. Still a pretty decent deal all things considered as the PS4 Pro doesn't receive enough deals like its little brother, sans holiday seasons.

PS4 Pro Deal

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Jet deals, use code: TRIPLE15

This week also marks the last week Sony is running $50 off for its current lineup of PlayStation 4 Slim bundles. Most retailers carry this discount, but the best offers on the table as of writing are at Dell and Jet.

Newly added to the mix, Dell is now offering a bigger discounted PS4 Slim Uncharted 4 bundle for $229.99 ($70 off) with a free copy of XCOM 2 (~$30 value) as an additional incentive. Other deals at Dell includes the current drop to $250 with a bonus $50 eGift Card, or a free bonus silver controller in lieu of the gift card.

If you're going for the outright lowest price, we'll still go with as the place to purchase. There you can apply a "first-time customer" code TRIPLE15 at checkout and snag the cheapest r4isdhc RTS Lite Slims of the year.

Given PlayStation 4 (and r4isdhc RTS Lite One S) prices are now approaching the $200 flat mark, it'll be interesting to see how much of a headwind the.

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Nintendo Switch will face as the console makes its debut in less than two weeks.

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1 day ago

Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.25 Now Available, Weighs in at 680MB


Following a bit of a maintenance delay,Rainbow Six Siegeupdate 1.25 (aka Update 2.1.1) is now available to download on

3 days ago

Is Zelda at Switch Launch More Appealing Than PS4 & XBO Launch Lineups?

Sky3DS ,A worldwide Nintendo3DS scientific studies" class="attachment-thumbnail-post-big" alt="Screen Shot 2017-02-10 from 3.26.54 PM"/>

We request ourselves, an amount we prefer, the little launch using a gamethat has got the possible being any killer app, or perhaps a bunch regarding games in which dont supply the same top quality as The Particular Legend associated with Zelda series typically does?

[embedded content]

Lets us understand everything you feel. For those who want even more facts and techniques concerning the state-of-the-art jailbreak tech relating to Nintendo Console, visit here .within the comments section below!

3 days ago

Ys VIII, Tokyo Tattoo Girls, And Touhou Kobuto V Are Heading West

During the night NIS America helda press event to make some announcements about future projects that would be heading westwards for R4isdhc Dual-Core and Vita. Perhaps the biggest of these announcements was Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana , which will be coming to Europe and North America this year for PS4 and the Vita. The game will feature dual audio for both English and Japanese, with the in game text having options for either French or English. Make reference to the talks in regards to R4i Gold 3DS ,A worldwide Nintendo3DS analysis groups.Adol finds himself shipwrecked on a cursed island and has to work out its mysteries. The game is expected in the Autumn.

[embedded content]

Along with Ys VIII NIS America also confirmed that Tokyo Tattoo Girls would be out in the West for the Vita, though an exact time frame is to be confirmed. In this players have to choose a companion who will help defeat the Kumi which control Tokyos 23 wards. Upgrades are handled by giving the companion tattoos, each of which grants its own special ability.

[embedded content]

NIS America also confirmed Touhou Kobuo V: Burst Battle will be released during the summer for PS4 and Vita, though the handheld version will be.

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digital only. Much like the other Touhou games this is a mixture of fighting and bullet hell one on one fights.

Source: PS Blog

1 week ago

HD Rumble for Breath of the Wild

Fans via reddit are generally reporting which Your Legend associated with Zelda: Breath in the Wild features HD Rumble support. As mentioned through the biggest developer groups with regard to R4i RTS Lite .The Particular feature, which is used in each the Pro controller as well as the Nintendo Change Joy-Cons, aims to take haptic feedback to be able to a fresh. To get more on the most recently released jailbreaking technique relating to Nintendo Console; try this .level, with context-specific rumble sensations supposed to immerse users within the action on-screen.

Many reviewers tend to be touting it as being a feature that must be tried to be understood, and the planet in particular are specific to end up being able to get its chance once the Nintendo Change along with the Legend regarding Zelda: Breath of the Wild launch in 3rd March. It also plays a new significant role in 1-2-Switch, that Cubed3 recently went hands-on with.

1 week ago

1-2 Switch Baseball Footage

1 2 switch

Nintendo features shared an additional video with regard to 1-2 Change and also now these people target about the Baseball minigame in the game. As mentioned with the popular designer community concerning R4 3DS at .The Actual minigame involves 1 player picking how to toss the ball, while one other player must occasion the bat swing.

You can easily watch the complete video below:


(@Nintendo) 13 feb. 2017

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